A brief history of Sanspants Radio

It all started in the sleepy suburb of Bundoora at La Trobe University in late 2011. Zammit had fumbled his way into a teaching position and discovered an unused recording studio behind a stairwell. Enquiring about the use of said studio was met with a shrug and a handing over of keys.

This was a big mistake.

Zammit canvassed the students to see if anyone was interested in a podcasting side project, with lofty ideas of putting together short audio documentaries or radio dramas that no one would listen to. What he got was a fresheyed Zoe Bee and Jackson Baly and a promise of something called a ‘Duscher’. And so Shut up a Second was born. Over the summer break of 2011, more students came to try out ideas, a lot left when asked to contribute a $10 joining fee. All that was missing was a name.

An avid addict of World of Warcraft, Zammit had a level 85 Blood Elf Hunter called Sanspants and asked Zoe “Hey Zoe, we need a name for when we go live, something like I don’t know, Sanspants Radio?” which started a much beloved tradition of going with the first thing we thought of as she said “Yeah. Let’s just go with that.”

This was another mistake.

Finally, in 2012 we launched the Sanspants Radio Network and somehow fumbled our way to the top of iTunes and continue to fumble our way into your ears, but most importantly, your hearts.


Get to know some of the hansome faces behind the hansome voices:

Staff behind the scenes

Without these hansome faces Sanspants Radio wouldn’t be possible: