Cass Paige (She/Her/Hers)


Cass Paige is a gentle goose who fears filling out forms, but not death. You can hear both her sweet giggle and horrendous honk-laugh on Shut Up a Second, D&D is for Nerds and why am I sad? She does a little dance whenever she eats something tasty and cannot be killed.


Cass joined Sanspants in 2017 by pure happenstance and plans to stay forever. She used to listen to Shut Up a Second to fall asleep at night so this was a literal dream job, however she had unknowingly Pavloved herself and this caused her to fall asleep during a recording once. Cass has received a Diploma in Languages (2013), Bachelor of Arts (2014), Honours in Linguistics (2015), and one time a free fancy chocolate from the owner of a fancy chocolate store (2014). Her favourite colours are yellow and gold (but not together) and her favourite shape is a heart, which she doodles on every scrap piece of paper in the studio. Outside of the podcasts, Cass collects very tiny things, paints, acts, advocates for everyone to go to therapy, and trades sleep for getting midnight snacks with her friends. She also advocates for everyone to go to therapy inside of the podcasts. And here. Please go to therapy. Help helps.

Cass hosts: