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Zammit’s Nose, GST and Other News

Posted: February 13, 2024 by Joel Zammit

You should all be pleased to hear that I’m on the mend, still not 100% but here’s a gross video of me getting my splints out. It is gross. In other news, Australian subscribers and customers will now be charged an additional 10% for GST because my accountant yelled at me and now this has…

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2024 Update

Posted: January 20, 2024 by Joel Zammit

New Year new us! If the start of 2024 is anything to go by, oh no! As is tradition, we tend to go pretty hard before December so your favourite idiots can nap while we cook our brains under the Australian sun. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that last year (have a listen to the this…

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The Month that Was November on Sanspants+

Posted: December 1, 2023 by Joel Zammit

Here’s a roundup of all the ‘sodes that were released in November for all you beautiful members and you gorgeous soon to be members xx o Bad Brain Boys+ Our monthly bonus Plumbing episode continues off from last month’s spooky season with What Could We Bring to Mystery Inc?  On What If…? our journey into…

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Art From the Past Part 1!

Posted: November 30, 2023 by Joel Zammit

It’s occurred to us that we’ve had a lot of art done in our brief podcasting history so we’re going to take some time and highlight the beautiful work that mostly Nathan Davis aka Obvian has done for us over the years. First off the rank are these old Facebook banners we’d cobble together from…

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The Month that Was October on Sanspants+

Posted: November 10, 2023 by Joel Zammit

In an attempt to keep communication lines clear and open and to let you know if there was anything you missed, here’s a roundup of all the ‘sodes that were released in October

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RSS Feeds and You

Posted: November 3, 2023 by Joel Zammit

Okay. RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication is the basis on which all podcasts are built. And they are dog shit and I hate them. If you are one of the many lovely people to be a member of any of our Sanspants+ Bundles the first thing you’ll most likely do is ask the question…

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News and Updates

Posted: October 25, 2023 by

In a move that really shouldn’t have taken 10 years, we now have a little corner of our website dedicated to news and updates of everything going on in the world of Sanspants Radio.

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