Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find a brief list of all our most frequently asked questions, particularly about Sanspants+. If you still need clarification don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

How do I get the shows on my phone?

RSS feeds are the best way to subscribe to our podcasts on your phone or desktop. Click the RSS icon on the Plus show you want to subscribe to and this will copy the url to your clipboard, then simply add the url of your podcast app of choice.

Can I listen to the Sanspants+ shows on Spotify?

No you can’t, you’ll need an app where you can enter your unique username and password. If you aren’t a fan of your default podcast app, there are plenty of others out there. We recommend Downcast for iOS and Podcast Addict for Androids.

None of the Sanspants+ Shows have updated since March, what’s going on?

Since we launched the new website, the odd user has experienced this issue. If that’s you, simply update the RSS feeds from this website and that should fix the issue.

How has Covid-19 effected the shows?

While we have been able to adapt to this new normal everyone has been talking about, some shows will be taking a hiatus. These include Baly Family Circus and Brain Cramps.

Will King or Hero exclusive shows be available for lower tiers?

No, with the exception of Dinosaur Saga campaigns.

Hey can you ask Adam where I can find those Good Boy/Bad Boy cards you use?

You can grab them from our merch store! We have both Good Boys Cards and Bad Boy Cards available.

What about all that wild magic table?

Right here from our store my good friend!

What’s the difference between Sanspants+ and Patreon?

In terms of content, nothing at all. The only difference is when signing in through patreon for the first time you will need to create a SP+ username and password. Also if you suspend your account you have to do that over on patreon.

I’m a Patreon user and my details won’t let me download any of the shows?

You need to create a unique username and password for Sanspants+.

Where can I find Thumb Cramps, How Good’s Footy or other shows on SP+?

Unfortunately you can’t. Due to unique sponsorships offered to these shows, we need to have just the one feed for accurate figures. They are available over on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts. If you want to skip the ads though, you have our blessing.

Is there a collective noun for Sanspants fans?

Yes. Dickheads.

What is the discord?

The discord is a chat app with different channels where you can chat to other Dickheads about the shows and other nonsense. We often post early access announcements, discounts to merch and do exclusive Q and As.

Where’s the money going?

Paying staff, hiring new staff and the general upkeep of running a media company.

What happens when I suspend my account?

You will still have access to our shows until your next billing cycle.

I upgraded my account and now I’m being charged twice, why come?

Mostly incompetence on our part. If this happens to you please contact tech support at

I would like to suspend my account but there’s no option to, why come?

Once again, mostly incompetence. Some users are experiencing this issue since the latest update. You can suspend your membership by going to your account page and clicking on the Subscriptions tab. If you’re still having issues, simply contact tech support at and we’ll sort you out.

What happened to PayPal?

We don’t know and we’re sorry.

Are your really old shows like In Favour of the Filter available on SP+?

No. They’re not available anywhere. They are bad.

Has Jackson sold his skeleton yet?

No he has not sold his skeleton, if you’d like to purchase it please contact him directly and you can start negotiations.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem you have carelessly not included in this FAQ?

You can email our tech support at to speak with someone a lot more competent than we are xx o