The Month That Was May on SP+

Posted: June 24, 2024 by Joel Zammit

A lot of things are happening around here so be prepared for a few upcoming announcments, but for now here’s a round up of all the ‘sodes that were released in May for all you beautiful members and you gorgeous soon to be members xx o.

Bad Brain Boys+

Last month’s Plumbing+ was a real head scratcher as we had a little unwanted house guest in our beautiful studio by the name of Johnny Mouse and so had to ask Our Studio Has a Mouse In It, How Are We Getting Rid of Johnny Mouse? There is a video of our first attempt evicting Johny Mouse in the SP+ Discord floating around. We are not competent. 

On What If…? our journey into the great comic books of yesteryear continues with #33 What If The Avengers Had Become Pawns of Korvac? Where we spend most of the episode asking who this Korvac fella is..

Jackson Baly Spooks America spooks your ears this month as Jackson takes the gang to Wisconsin (in their imaginations) so that they can solve the mystery of The Wisconsin Butter Fire. Then Adam takes the reins and Armys America with the story of The Lady Be Good, a WWII bomber which mysteriously disappeared in the Sahara Desert and then was mysteriously found again over a decade later.

This month’s Eye Cramps took a break due to a slight covid outbreak. Sean got it, and while not a host of Eye Cramps, Adam got it too. Separate incidents but still, it was once again a stressful time at the studio. 

Baseless Speculation+ 

Baseless Speculation+ continues with regular episodes about a day early for you handsome supporters and as a special bonus treat BS+ #1 Jackson’s Based Reaction to Shang-Chi introduces a time honoured tradition of Jackson weaselling out of the very few responsibilities he has and his crippling meatball addiction.

Imagination Adventures+

Another drop of episodes of Once Upon a Time in Vampire Infested Barovia, with subscribers being able to enjoy the problems of giving NPCs complete autonomy. Hecktor’s not mad, he’s just disappointed. Pip tho? He’s furious! 

On Greyhill, the general public are still waiting week to week, but you get to all 6 episodes of Death and Dead Gods. Anri Leafsong (Rin Vixen) and the Corn Knight (Jackson Baly) are roped in to helping resurrect a dead god. The Corn Knight is along for the ride, this, obviously, having nothing to do with corn, but for Anri Leafsong the quest for resurrection hits a little closer to home.

On House Rules you’ve been blessed by not on, but TWO Hoos Rools! In Interesting Wounds and Karelova Jackson tries to figure out a good way to give your dnd character a permanent scar, and Adam gives everybody a sneak preview of an upcoming villain in Vampire Infested Borovia! Then in Top 5 Bottom 5 – Spells the boys return once again to the homebrew section of dndbeyond to see, hey, what spells are people making and also are they good?

On the subscriber feed for Beyond the Map, Transport & Acquisitions has come to an end with one of the most surprising conclusions of any Beyond the Map series.

Sanspants Classics+

SUaS Classic took a month off while sickness and scheduling ruined everyone’s good times. At least June’s ep is tucked away and a return to form with a frank discussion about Milton. 

Thanks for listening and join us next month for more of the same xx o

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