2024 Update

Posted: January 20, 2024 by Joel Zammit

New Year new us! If the start of 2024 is anything to go by, oh no! As is tradition, we tend to go pretty hard before December so your favourite idiots can nap while we cook our brains under the Australian sun. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that last year (have a listen to the this episode of Baseless Speculation for a small taste of how our lives are falling apart) – but it was fine! We recorded a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle based episode last year  to see us into this one and that would give us a solid week to get things done as our good friends Josh and Morgan from the Taking Initiative podcast were coming down to enjoy beautiful Melbourne! But then Jackson went and finally caught Covid. Let’s all enjoy the beginning of 2024 with finally finding out that Jackson isn’t special nor built different, he’s just slow. But we always knew this. Sucks to suck!

To further complicate things, I’m going in for surgery at the very beginning of next month. I’m getting a nose and tongue job, turns out they are both bad! So with all that happening, PtDS will be on a slight hiatus until the 5th of February. We’ll ensure something goes up on the public RSS feed but don’t panic if you’re a subscriber and you haven’t gotten a new ep since the aforementioned turtles ep. Your boys are tired and/or recovering!

In a similar vein no new What If…?, PtDS+ or SUAS Classic this month while Jackson recovers and I prep for surgery. As mentioned in the latest episode of Jackson Baly Spooks America Joel Zammit Comics America, JBSA will also be going on a little break while we recover, rest and research more ghouls and goblins.

In further news, Baseless Speculation will return sometime in Feburary and will be back under the Sanspants umbrella. While we thoroughly enjoying our time at Wood Elf Media, we’ve missed the warm embrace of ourselves. Thumb Cramps is coming back with a much anticipate Boner Cramps on the 26th of January. Over on D&D is for Nerds, Season 3 of Barovia begins on the 11th of February and comes February 2nd, Jackson once again takes the reigns of Beyond the Map with another instalment of The Longhouse. This time it’s with the Scaredy Boys!

Hope your January is going better than ours, we’ll see you in Feb xx o