Art From the Past Part 1!

Posted: November 30, 2023 by Joel Zammit

It’s occurred to us that we’ve had a lot of art done in our brief podcasting history so we’re going to take some time and highlight the beautiful work that mostly Nathan Davis aka Obvian has done for us over the years. First off the rank are these old Facebook banners we’d cobble together from the episode of Shut up a Second that came out that week.

This was the time we were still doing “seasons” of a particular show, Shut up a Second was going through a guest phase where Jackson was the one who was most available. Are these episodes any good? No. Have we gotten better? Also no. It was a simpler time when all we had to worry about was the one bad podcast coming out every week instead of the current seventy bad podcasts. Maybe we’ll bring it back. But this time cheaper! And with Canva! And on Instagram!

Also here’s the banner we did for our first foray into anything remotely D&D. It was called Roll for Initiative (as we are dumb and not creative) with Jackson DMing and Nathan, EJ and Zammit as the players. Heavily edited and involved far too much stolen World of Warcraft music and sfx, it really was not good, but you can listen to it if you want. It’s in Da Bin if you’ve signed up for Sanspants Classic+. We would not recommend it.