The Month that Was November on Sanspants+

Posted: December 1, 2023 by Joel Zammit

Here’s a roundup of all the ‘sodes that were released in November for all you beautiful members and you gorgeous soon to be members xx o

Bad Brain Boys+

Our monthly bonus Plumbing episode continues off from last month’s spooky season with What Could We Bring to Mystery Inc? 

On What If…? our journey into the great comic books of yesteryear continues with #29 What If Ghost Rider Were Separated from Johnny Blaze? We don’t know a huge lot about Ghost Rider and honestly, we don’t think Marvel 1977 did either.

This month on Jackson Baly Spooks America, the titular Jackson once again has myself and the effervescent Joel Duscher on the podcast to talk about The Curse of the Colonel and then a very beautiful episode about two completely different men who just happened to look the same and not at all about a man who faked his death to drive around a pussy wagon several states over in Lawrence Joseph Bader/John Fritz Johnson.

Dinosaur Wet continues to update on the RSS feed week by week, but is available all in one dose on our Audio Downloads page.

And finally, no new Eye Cramps this month as Sean’s fled the country (for a bit). But never fear, they promised to make it up to you next month. 

Imagination Adventures+

It’s the end of Season 2 of Once Upon a Time in Vampire Infested Barovia, but subscribers will soon get the next D&D is for Nerds campaign in its entirety. All 8 episodes of Cult and Worship: A Tale from Fairburn Point will be available to listen to in one very short week! This time it’s Adam taking the Scaredy Boys into the scariest place known to Ogg Nott as they investigate some strange going ons in that completely normal town, Fairburn Point.

Speaking of our journey into Barovia, we now have available the Sharp Shot Companion: A Ranger Subclass for D&D 5e! Based on what Adam cooked up for Pip Mandarin, you too can join the Sharp Shot Company with this beautiful 2 page PDF that includes an incredible illustration of Pip Mandarin by the extremely talented Georgia Angus. If you’re a subscriber, don’t forget to check out the SP+ Discord for a 30% coupon code, valid until the end of the year.

On Greyhill, while the general public have to wait week to week, you get to listen to JD and our good friend Annie take the campaign off the rails almost immediately in ‘Til Death.

This month on House Rules Jackson and Adam return to DnD Beyond, this time to look through people’s homebrew feats in the hope of finding gold in Top 3 and Bottom 3 – Feats. To their eternal surprise they find feats pertaining to everything from JoJo’s Bizarre adventure to ventriloquism and even vaccinations. Are these things you should add to your own dnd game? Who can say. Probably not, honestly.

On the subscriber feed for Beyond the Map, Heracles Melville continues on his path of discovery and self-destruction in Great American Novels: A Heracles Melville Mystery with chapters eleven through fourteen. Of course you can always purchase the complete twenty episodes from our store if you just can’t wait.

In our Imagination Adventures RSS feed, Jackson continues our Halloween tradition by once more delving back into Handel Creek and the Tales from the Loop TTRPG system with the first four episodes of Handel Creek 3: Starbright Mall available to listen to. But if you hate to wait and want to throw some coin at your favourite boys and girls, you can always grab the complete nine episodes from our store.

Sanspants Classics+

Rounding out October was episode 52 of our favourite milk based podcast Shut up a Second Classic with Maulk.

Thanks for listening and join us next month for more of the same xx o