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Sharp Shot Companion: A Ranger Subclass for D&D 5e

$4.99 USD

Based on everyone’s favourite Gentleman Monster Hunter, Pip Mandarin from Once Upon a Time in Vampire Infested Barovia, the Sharp Shot Companion: A Ranger Subclass gives you all the necessary tools to become a master of the crossbow, felling man and beast alike without breaking a sweat.

This subclass was put together by the knuckleheads behind D&D is for NerdsĀ and features an incredible illustration of Pip Mandarin by the extremely talented Georgia Angus.




This 2 page PDF contains all you’ll need to become a Sharp Shot Companion!


  • a brief history of the Sharp Shot Company
  • unique features every 3rd, 7th, 11th and 15th level
  • a table for your Sharp Shot Companion role