Baseless Speculation+

Posted: April 22, 2024 by Joel Zammit

With the recent re-acquiring of the worst pop culture podcast known to man from Markiplier’s very own network (a network he himself doesn’t appear to be on anymore??), Baseless Speculation is now joining the ranks of the many, many podcasts begging for money. That’s right! We’re here to tell you that right now you can finally give those absolute morons that host Baseless Speculation your hard earned cash to support them doing their silly little show.

Let’s get down to the brass tacks: How much? What do I get? What are you gonna do with it?

For the low, low price of $2.99 USD a month  (+10% for Australian residents (I don’t want to go to white collar crime jail)) you get the delightful show Baseless Speculation completely ad free*, a little earlier than the rubes who listen to it for free and we’ll even throw in a Baseless Speculation channel in the Sanspants+ Discord! You can also grab a yearly subscription for $29.99 USD (+10% for Australian residents). Just head over to our membership page and sign up to Baseless Speculation+.

As for what we’ll be doing with this? Well first things first, a wonderful sit down lunch consisting of 3 hot dogs for 3 boys who are doing well. After that it’s anyone’s guess but mostly going to the operational costs of the show, ensuring I stay out of white collar crime jail, forcing Jackson to watch Shang-Chi, movie tickets for more Based Reactions and keeping Joel Duscher as hydrated as he needs to be. Also if this does well and there’s demand, we’ll look at adding the occasional exclusive content and potentially branching out and offering a Thumb Cramps+. But that will require a lot of negotiation with Mr Ads that will most likely end with one of us copping a brick to the back of the head. 

*Please note, due to Baseless Speculation being on a network that required host read ads in episodes, some of the episodes still contain the ad because I couldn’t take it out without it being a little jarring or confusing. But trust me when I say it only enhances the listening experience. Also note this is currently only available through our website, and BS+ is currently not available through Apple+.

Oh, and one more thing, we’ve changed the way the All In subscriptions works. For anyone who is just now signing up, hitting the All In button adds each bundle to your basket as opposed to a complete seperate product item that included all the bundles. Should we have done that from the start? Yes. Does this really affect anyone? Not at all, we could have not mentioned it and 99% of folk wouldn’t have noticed but we’re here now. You’re so close to the end and I’ve already wasted your time, so what’s one more sentence? If you are an All In subscriber do you need to do anything? No. But if you’re a current All In subscriber and want Baseless Speculation+ then just head to the membership page and sign up!

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