The Month that Was October on Sanspants+

Posted: November 10, 2023 by Joel Zammit

In an attempt to keep communication lines clear and open and to let you know if there was anything you missed, here’s a roundup of all the ‘sodes that were released in October for all you beautiful members and you gorgeous soon to be members.

Bad Brain Boys+

Our monthly bonus Plumbing episode takes us to a trip down memory lane as we tackle What is the Most Effective Ti- Use of Time Travel (Again)! Last time I ended up sleeping with my own grandmother, it’s been about 10 years but I finally got to have a do over. This time with zero Grand-Oedipal complexes!

Continuing the adventures of Joel and Also Joel, we join our intrepid heroes 50 years in the future from when they first entered Battle Zone 66 in Dinosaur Wet. More of a sidequel than a sequel. The RSS feed is available with weekly episodes but for those that want it all in one dose, check out the Audio Downloads page in our shop.

On What If…? our journey into the great comic books of yesteryear continues with #28 What if Daredevil Became an Agent of Shield! Oh 1977 Marvel, asking the important question of what if man who blind had job? Crazy, we know.

This month on Jackson Baly Spooks America, the titular Jackson invited I and Joel on to investigate the Moonshaft, a mysterious mountain cave housing an even more mysterious rock formation that was maybe alien in nature but probably just weird geology. Then Jackson and Duscher looked into the Pascagoula UFO Abduction which was almost definitely a lie.

And finally, those Eye Cramps boys are obsessed with letting a randomised wheel pick the movie for them and this month there were two episodes instead of the usual one! Director Deep Dive (With The Wheel) and Individual Actors Wheel (We Love The Wheel!). Each host picked an actor and a director, put 6 of their films on the wheel and then gave that wheel a BIG spin to find out that they were watching. Chaos, as always, ensued.

Imagination Adventures+

This month on House Rules Adam comes to the table with a brand-new Warlock Subclass based around a lycanthrope pantheon. Jackson was too busy to come up with something (doing what we’ll never know). So instead the boys discuss what video game mechanic they’d adapt to tabletop roleplaying in The Cunning Raven and Adapting Videogames for Tabletop.

On the subscriber feed for Beyond the Map, Heracles Melville continues on his path of discovery and self-destruction in Great American Novels: A Heracles Melville Mystery. Of course you can always purchase the complete twenty episodes from our store if you just can’t wait.

In our Imagination Adventures RSS feed, Jackson continues our Halloween tradition by once more delving back into Handel Creek and the Tales from the Loop TTRPG system! What manner of spooky ghost or ghoul will Hall Butcher (Tom Reed) and his new best friend Jack Ratman (Adam Carnevale) find themselves up against in Handel Creek 3: Starbright Mall?

Sanspants Classics+

Rounding out October was episode 51 of our favourite milk based podcast Shut up a Second Classic with As Always Milk.

Thanks for listening and join us next month for more of the same xx o