The Month that Was February on Sanspants+

Posted: March 6, 2024 by Joel Zammit

Now that things have (relatively) calmed down, here’s a roundup of all the ‘sodes that were released in February for all you beautiful members and you gorgeous soon to be members xx o.

Bad Brain Boys+

In celebration of the DCEU going out with a whimper, uur first monthly bonus Plumbing episode for the year started off strong with How Would You Exploit Aquaman’s Powers for Profit of Financial Gain?

On What If…? our journey into the great comic books of yesteryear continues with #30 What If Spider-Man’s Clone Lived? Where we look at far too many clones of Peter Parker and have a classic Bad Brain think about their lives had they not all died in spectacular and amazing ways.

Jackson Baly Spooks America is still on break as it’s too hot to be scared by anything. It will return this or next month. Entirely up to Jackson’s spook levels.

Dinosaur Wet is now fully available on the RSS feed but of course it’s still available on our Audio Downloads page as I’m too scared to unpublish it because I don’t know if that will revoke access to those that downloaded it that way.

This month’s Eye Cramps the boys dive into their favourite movies that they’ve only ever watched once, rewatch one of them and see if it holds up! Can memory be trusted? Do movies get better a second time? Listen to One Watch Wonders (Rewatched) to find out!

And finally, Baseless Speculation has returned home to Sanspants Radio and is also available on YouTube. February saw the much anticipated Based Reaction to Madame Web. To our disappointment the film contained a grand total of zero references to 9-11. We are looking at making an ad-free version as a potential add-on for subscribers, but we have to figure out our website to do that.

Imagination Adventures+

Season 3 of Once Upon a Time in Vampire Infested Barovia has started and subscribers can get the first 6 episodes of the campaign and you can still grab the Sharp Shot Companion: A Ranger Subclass for D&D 5e pdf based on Pip’s Sharp Shot Companion subclass.

On Greyhill, while the general public have to wait week to week, you get to listen to myself and our good friends Josh Perault and Morgan Conroy from Taking Initiative deal with mostly small town economics in A Desperate Message.

This month on House Rules Jackson is mysteriously missing. Chances are he is dead. To replace him Adam has wrangled Josh and Morgan. In this episode Adam gives us a look at some of the NPCs from Jarrens Outpost and Morgan wants to know the best way to ensure new players are fully immersed in a lore-heavy fantasy world. Where did Jackson go?

Lastly, on the subscriber feed for Beyond the Map, Jackson continues his little stories about the Longhouse, this time it’s 1859 and starring the Scaredy Boys in Longhouse: 1859! As always, if you don’t want to wait you can grab the whole season as a digital download at our store.

Sanspants Classics+

No new SUaS Classic this month, but do enjoy ad free regular SUaS and all the past shows we put in the bin.

Thanks for listening and join us next month for more of the same xx o

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