Nathan Davis (He/Him/His)

Art Monkey

Nathan Davis is a Melbourne born artist, illustrator, and avid swearer. He makes quite a few of the podcast covers, shirt designs, and other art bits of Sansparaphernalia. His work can also be found on nerdy shirts, and also a few pairs of underwear. He is currently in Chicago due to a promise of untold riches and/or magic beans.


Nathan Davis makes art in the hope that its legacy might make people forget about that time he was on national TV with Dylan Lewis in tracksuit pants and a Wallace & Gromit t-shirt. Or that time he hosted an open mic, lost the list of people playing, and pulled names out of a hat to see who'd play and pissed off everyone who wanted to play at different times. Or that time he swung a baseball bat, and hit another grade 3 kid in the face, and it would've been a home run but the teacher called the game off because a kid had just been hit in the face with a baseball bat. Or that time he dropped his wallet in a wishing well fountain, and couldn't retrieve it because an incensed octogenarian was screaming at the top of her lungs that he was trying to steal from a cancer charity.