Benny Davis

Composer/Music Producer

Benny Davis is a stay at home dad. If pressed for a profession he will say musician and comedian. He is a composer, pianist, singer, flautist, and melodica player, as well as a qualified audio engineer, amongst many other useless skills he has amassed in his life that have left him thoroughly unprepared for the second half of it.


After a ten year career as a touring comedian and recording artist, Benny Davis is now in hiding from the workforce in South-East Asia, raising his daughter and getting buff. He has a Bachelor of Music from the Sydney Conservatorium, a Diploma of Audio Engineering from a college in Singapore, and a cabinet chock full of Japanese whiskey. He occasionally writes music and edits audio for anyone who asks him to (and pays him [sometimes for free if he really likes you {but he doesn’t like most people, in fact he’s pretty sick of their shit}]). A sometimes content creator. Former member of Dragon Friends and The Axis of Awesome.