Joel L. Zammit (He/Him/His)


Joel Zammit is a handsome but not clever man. He does podcasts too. Unfortunately they’re no good, but they are successful. What started as a university side hustle in 2012 with a group of like minded idiots, Sanspants Radio has grown into a full fledged get rich quick pyramid scheme. You can find him on most shows and if he’s not behind the mic he’s at least had a hand in the editing.


Founder of Sanspants Radio and current CEO of the whole ordeal, Zammit has been the driving force behind the network from the inception. Often stressed with an air of tired dad energy around him, you can mostly find Zammit behind a laptop driving his company into the ground or editing yet another season of D&D. He spends too much of his time remembering terrible plots of long forgotten X-Men storylines and frequently sides with the villain citing that they’re “misunderstood” or at the very least misrepresented. A former university lecturer, teacher and academic, Zammit once had high ambitions of getting his PhD but he also once scolded his class and dismissed them early when he learnt that they hadn’t done that week’s reading. This was lucky for him as he hadn’t prepared anything either.