Mia Mukherjee (She/Her/Hers)


Mia is the composer of the new D&D Is For Nerds themes, but beyond Sanspants she’s a programmer, video editor and all-round do-er of things. She also brings this multifaceted energy to the rest of her life, living by the motto “if you complete a project, you spent too much time on it”.


Born just early enough to remember the millennium, Mia has spent her whole life living in the south of England, with only a brief stint in the midlands for university. As a young child, she devoured books like nothing else, a hobby that coincidentally stopped at the same time she started playing video games. Thankfully a hobby that didn’t stop was music. She’s managed to stick with playing piano for over ten years and in that time has taken up composition, with an interest in both orchestral and electronic music. If you ask her how any of it works, she’ll give you a long spiel about music theory and production techniques, when deep down she knows you just press notes and tweak knobs at random until it sounds good. Fresh out of university, she’s ready to make her impression on the world or for the world to make an impression on her, whichever comes first.