Shaun Allen (He/Him/His)

Editor and Producer

Shaun is a freelance audio engineer, editor and producer. He produced, edited and created the music for the Why Is Cats podcast, with notable credit to Fitzwilliam the cat for providing most of the sound effects. Other podcast credits include producer for Oink Time with Jen Carnovale and Ben Ellwood, editor of GC Chat and host of In Brackets with Shaun Allen. In his other life he creates music as a member of WAWAWOW and various other solo projects.


Shaun first ventured into broadcasting as the cohost of Midnight Sun on Eastside FM, and has since been exploring bizarre audio soundscapes via the podcasts In Brackets with Shaun Allen and Oink Time. He has since become a social media contributer for The Chaser and video editor for a number of upcoming podcast projects.