Jackson B. Baly (He/Him/His)


Jackson Baly is on more podcasts than is frankly healthy. Go to the front page, click a podcast, and there’s a good chance he’ll be on it causing problems and just generally being a nuisance. More specifically he’s one of the hosts of: Plumbing the Death Star, D&D is For Nerds, Shut up a Second, Thumb Cramps, Baly Family Circus and whole bunch more.


One of the founders of Sanspants Radio, Jackson has been a constant figure on the network since its very beginning. And it shows. If there was a venn diagram where one circle had the word horny in it and the other had the word stupid in it, Jackson would exist somewhere in the middle. It’s this kind of terrible energy that has infected every single show Sanspants Radio has ever produced, and whether we are better for it or not is very much up for debate. He enjoys bridges and sasquatches and hates that the Hamburgler is called the Hamburgler and not the Hamburgerburgler when he clearly burgles hamburgers and not ham.