Joel Duscher (He/Him/His)


A powerful man with a powerful voice, one of the founding members of Sanspants Radio. Find him on Plumbing the Death Star, Thumb Cramps and How Good’s Footy. A man with too many hobbies and not enough time. Don’t let his confidence fool you, he’s just as dumb as the rest of the scum around here.


Joel Duscher was one of the founding members of Sanspants Radio and a survivor of the “hey if you want to keep doing this, I just need you to pay $10 so we can upload our podcasts online” purge that sadly killed off 70% of our membership. Apart from hanging out in front of the microphone, his hypothetical business card reads Chief of Operations, a position Duscher can claim because he also edits a few podcasts and is a key organizer of the live shows. Are you sick of Sanspants Radio not doing live shows near your house? Blame Joel Duscher.