Tom ‘Handsome Tom’ Reed (He/Him/His)


Tom graduated second in his class from Hot School (you should see the guy who came first!) where he did a double major in Bad Boy and Nice Boy To Introduce To Your Mum. He cannot do math. They do not teach math at Hot School. He did not pick his nickname. But he did not fight it either.


Originally from Geelong, Tom started at Sanspants while attempting to be a writer, pitching movie ideas on Movie Maintenance. Now you can hear him talk footy every week on How Goods Footy, listen to him do terrible voices occasionally on DND is For Nerds, be a coward on Scaredy Boys and be bullied about movies on Eye Cramps. Outside of podcasts Tom has written a couple of plays (headcase 2013, Not Quite, Man 2015 & Dead Air 2018), been published in a few literary anthologies and wrote a heist musical as a part of VCA’s Homegrown Australian Musical grant. In 2014 Tom won the FremantleMedia Blue Sky Initiative for a TV series that is currently sitting in a drawer in an office somewhere. He lives with his cat who is chunky and Adam who is lovely

Tom hosts: