Sean Carney (He/Him/His)


Sean Carney is the co-host of How Good’s Footy, an absurdly biased, weekly AFL podcast. He scares himself towards an early grave on Scaredy Boys and he goes on adventures of the silver screen with Eye Cramps, a love letter to cinema. Outside of podcasting, Sean is a playwright (Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter), author (Where the Captain Goes, Seasons of Fear), and eternal optimist that his Brisbane Lions will climb off the canvas and win another premiership.


Sean Carney’s ancestors were forged in the fires of potato fields in the south of Ireland where they waged glorious and bloody battles against the English - whose wartime atrocities included trying to make the Irish speak coherent sentences. Carney himself was forged in the fires of country Victoria where nothing much of any significance ever really happened, thank you very much. His local newsagent stocked a grand total of two ongoing comic book series - sporadic issues of Spider-Man, and the black & white masterpiece The Phantom. When he was about 12, his football team won three premierships in a row and his dad told him after each one to appreciate it and he didn’t. He really didn’t. And now he chases that feeling. At around the same age he saw Lord of the Rings and it put him on a path of filmmaking, which put him on a path of screenwriting, which put him on a path of podcasting… and here we are.

Sean hosts: