July 28


In which our heroes have a sleepover and stay up late talking about cute boys. For the last episode of our guest season, Jackson and Duscher explore all things hunk with male-thigh enthusiast Bridget McNamara. Join us as we argue about what features are the best bit of a hunk, have an in-depth discussion about Pirates of the Caribbean and fantasise about dating George Clooney. Jackson examines his dumpy body and asks what he would need to change to become a hunk (ed note: everything), Duscher has trouble ranking his Hollywood Hunks and Bridget questions the double standards and definitions of lady hunks. Either way, George Clooney - you’re beautiful. Never change. We love you. Call us?


July 31


In which our heroes go out for a Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary. Jackson and Zoe talk Urban Legends with our good friend and private eye TDB (the D is for danger proving once again that you shouldn’t give yourself a nickname). Listen in as we discuss some of our favourite urban legends from the drowning dog that turned out to be a rat to the woman whose hair was full of spiders. We talk about everyone’s favourite hooked man, the strange link between the Chupacabra and 1995 Roger Donalson classic Species and the mysterious origins of the Jersey Devil (it’s probably just a horse). If you’re interested in terrifying stories and debunking myths, maybe you should find a more reputable source.


Shut up a Second

Plumbing the Death Star