September 15

Why does James Bond Still Have a Job?

In which our heroes drink on the job, hit on anyone and yell at everyone that we’re super secret spies while wondering why James Bond still has a job. Duscher claims he could be more successful as Jerry Steven: asexual and dressed for comfort, Jackson tries to stop him every step of the way as the Nefarious Dr Yang, the racial stereotype villain who wants to fuck the moon and Zammit is one half of the engineering duo, Q & R, tasked with fixing a chaffing problem. Jerry Steven, with his signature drink of stirred glass of water, fumbles his way through Dr Yang’s poorly designed base of operations and proves while he’s not the best secret agent, Dr Yang is an even worse villain.


September 18


In which our heroes adjust their sunhats, put on their blue denim overalls and start chewing on some wheat to go water them there horses. It’s back breaking labour as we all tend to our own quaint little farm while Jackson extolls the virtues of the humble dungfarmer, Zoe once again proves her dominance by crushing the competition at human farming, and Duscher just wants to know what in the hell Babe was doing in the big city anyway. But none of it matters because it all comes down to a farmyard rumble of epic proportions. It's a dusty, stinky, agricultural battle of wits, and only one beast can be crowned king. After all, some animals are more equal than others.


Plumbing the Death Star

Season 2

Shut Up a Second

Season 3