November 24

Who Thought Quidditch was a Good Idea?

In which our heroes get on our Nimbus 2000s, let the golden snitch slip through our fingers and get hit by a bludger while while wondering who thought Quidditch was a good idea? We look at the proud sport of Boulderhead, the problem of height, and the danger inherent in using cleaning equipment as sporting equipment. Jackson accuses Madame Hooch of having a drinking problem, Zammit wants to introduce some basic necessary regulations, and Duscher just wishes he could do a Scottish accent. It's a brutal, airborne, game of champions, that can only end when someone grabs a snitch.

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November 20


In which our heroes spoil milk, steal babies, and hassle the three billy goats gruff as we talk about trolls. We discuss the agricultural competency of trolls, the proper size for trolls, the sentient level of trolls in comparison to hippos and the proper defence against trolls. Jackson learns some new things about coffin sizes, Zoe creates some rad and grisly statues, and Duscher just wants to save his goats and horses by spoiling his milk first. It’s a fantastical adventure of dead horses, stiltskins and stolen babies, all finishing up before dawn or else we’re all turning to stone.

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