January 26

How Does Thor Get a Haircut?

In which our heroes sit down in the barbers chair, ask for braids and open an old copy of Journey into Mystery as we question how Thor gets his hair cut. We discuss Lex Luther’s hair envy, Ben Grim's little shorts and the all encompassing power of the Z-Men. Jackson gifts everyone with brilliant but irrelevant powers, Zammit is a fan of the sneaky mullet, and Duscher just wishes everyone would listen to his side-podcast: 'Naming Things.’ It’s an uncomfortable walk down the superhero runway as we all end up in bright lycra, fighting crime with our unmentionables clearly visible for all to see.


January 22


In which our heroes find a zone of immunity where they can conspire to their hearts content, have our in-house lawyer Charles on speed dial as we plan all sorts of crime. From inconspicuously stealing a bridge to straight up murdering a guy, we expand our criminal MO by taking pointers from failed crimes and crimes most foul. Jackson decides that universal animal nap time could help him with his poaching, Zoe is shaking up the art world by replacing priceless art works with pictures of herself, and Duscher just wants to fight crime by committing crime with RoboCop. So join the gang as they enjoy diplomatic immunity. It’s barely legal.