October 27

Which Horror Villain Would You Fight?

In which our heroes defend Crystal Lake, wage a Dream War, aim our missiles at a Godzilla and decide which movie monsters they could take in a fight. We look at the ideal ways to grapple with a gremlin, crush a cave creep, kill a Cujo, and get rid of a Grundlefly. Jackson defends his home against the notorious toilet ghoul, Zoe just straight up commits cold blooded murder, Zammit attempts to drown a car, and Duscher just wants to eliminate every monster from David Cronenberg’s filmography. It's a spooky rumble where we go toe to hideous clawed toe in a battle between horror movie alumni and some out of shape idiots.

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October 30


In which our heroes erect a tombstone, put on their mourning clothes, have a good grieve and discuss graveyards. We contemplate keeping our dead bodies out of New Zealand, shooting them into space, and protecting them from wolves. Jackson gives listeners permission to date their cousins, Zoe discusses the hassle of coming back from the dead, and Duscher just wants to know why zombies are such an issue. It's a spooky halloween mess where finding eternal peace has never been more difficult. So try not to think about the fact that you are always a second away from being a ghost, and have a happy Halloween.

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Season 2

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