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U.E.S. Longhouse

$15.90 USD

Join us in a fourteen part tale of unspeakable horror set in the depths of Europa in 2097.

Character performance by Jackson Baly, Morgan Conroy and Josh Perault with Adam Carnevale as the story teller.

Theme music by Mia ‘Lepidora’ Mukherjee. Edited by Joel Zammit.



As the 21st century dawned, it marked the beginning of a rapid and new expansion for humanity into that last great frontier: space. The human race made many discoveries. Some to improve our lives. But most in the pursuit of even more expansion. For those with power, always desire more.

In the year 2054 an in depth analysis of Europa revealed that beneath its smooth icy surface was a single ocean and beneath that was a rocky core filled with calcium, phosphorus and platinum. Some of the rarest and most sought after elements in the solar system.

It was not long at all before everyone with access began staking their claims and a cold war of sorts began to brew between the three largest factions. The Alliance of Nations or A O N, the New Republics and Trinity. While small border skirmishes were common, no group wished to start an all out war. Partially because they could lose, but mostly because it wouldn’t be profitable.

The current year is 2097 and you are aboard the Underwater Expanse Ship or U.E.S. Longhouse as it swims through the depths of Europa.