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Sanspants+ Kings get immediate access to

  • Everything Champs and Heroes get +
  • Even More Exclusive Discord Channels +
  • D&D Season Pass +
  • 3 Bonus Shows
  • Exclusive Sanspants Video Content

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As a King you’ll have access to everything Champs and Heroes get plus a Season Pass for D&D is for Nerds where you’ll get the whole campaign as soon as the first episode drops publicly! You will also gain access to the Suggest an NPC channel in our Discord.

The King Bonus shows are D&D is for Kings, a weekly on-going campaign using 3.5e and House Rules, a monthly show where Adam and Jackson share their home-brew ideas and shelved game ideas. Kings also get access to our World of Darkness limited series, The Spirit of Lonely Places, The Patchwork Man and The Place of Last Resort! Lastly, you’ll also gain access to Bonus Video Content including extra episodes that aren’t on our YouTube Channel and behind the scenes footage.

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