* Use as a guide only, all payments in USD.

Deposed Monarch

$10.00 USD / month

Do you find money burning a hole in your pocket and wish to frivolously throw it away in these harsh economic times? Then do we have the solution for you! Introducing: Bad Decisions! For $10 a month you can throw your hard earned coin at us absolute wankers instead of doing something good with it like throwing it in a well. For this you get the title ‘Deposed Monarch’ on the Sanspants+ Discord and that’s it, nothing else.

Go on, you won’t regret it. You should, but you won’t.



We cannot stress how little this gets you. There is no hidden rooms, no sneaky bonus content, not even the satisfaction of a job well done. Just the Discord title. You can even grab Retired Champ and Fallen Hero as well if you want. We don’t recommend it at all but who are we to stop you in this foolish endeavour? Collect em all to really tell the world “I’m irresponsible with my decisions” as you tip your favourite Australian dickheads every month.