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Sanspants+ Champs get immediate access to

  • Several of our Public Shows Ad-Free +
  • Exclusive Discord Channels +
  • Bonus shows +
  • Bonus D&D is for Nerds Campaigns

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As a Champ you’ll have access to Shut up a Second, Plumbing the Death Star and D&D is for Nerds completely ad free. You’ll also have immediate access to our past shows Movie Maintenance, It’s Just Good Business!, Baly Family Circus, why am i sad? and The Complete Dinosaur Park Trilogy

The Champ Bonus shows are Jackson Baly Spooks America, a bi-monthly delve into spooks, ghouls and unsolved mysteries and PtDS+ an extra sneaky episode of Plumbing the Death Star each and every month. All 100 episodes of Hey D&D It’s Me, Adam, the show where Adam Carnevale guided Cass and you through the confusing world of Dungeons and Dragons. Unprompted & Unwanted is a monthly show where we keep you up to date with behind the scenes news and answer your questions from the DiscordD&D is for Nerds+ is where you’ll find all our bonus campaigns not on the regular feed, and for those who wanted to know how badly we cooked Barovia, you can listen to the roughly edited campaign in its entirety on Sketches for my Sweetheart, Barovia. Lastly, you’ll also gain immediate access to the audio recordings of all the Live Shows we’ve every done.

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