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A Stream of Dickheads: The Sanspants Twitch Album Vol. 1

For all the Joels, Jackson Babies, Lardnerds, Cassholes, and every member of the Dip Herd and Tommunity! It’s the collected works of twitch musical nonsense made by me! Get it in yer earholes!

Super NSFW, contains cusses and worse, please don’t tell my mum…

Music by the wonderfully talented Matt aka PibblesThe Fish. Matt is a composer and musician from the UK. He enjoys writing the sort of music that his parents would be very disappointed in and hopes to one day be able to rhyme every single swear.

Cover art by the incredible Jamdoodles, hire them at www.jamdoodles.com or on Instagram at @doodlesofjam



Track List

  1. The Jackson Spookitorium
  2. Duscher Forever
  3. The Dip Herd
  4. Cash Money
  5. Oh No Goblins!
  6. Kevin The Rohrohroh
  7. Great Ocean Road
  8. Horny Hype Train
  9. BigSoftTitty.mp3 – The Tom and Demi Suite
  10. D&D is for Stream
  11. End Of The Road
  12. Dong Donger