it’s the dipshit gang back again with another episode of Our Little Podcast. this episode features about two stories, another all-star fan segment and a horrifying echo mishap where the monitor audio of the podcast starts playing in Tom’s ears about a second out of sync

Tom and Demi call 2 people each live on the podcast. Also we talk about that beautiful gorgeous queen elizabeth. damn im getting horny just thinking about her beautiful highness

i didn’t get on board with demi’s wholefoods bit enough and i regret it. i guess i was in a mood

Woah, would you believe it’s the return of Demi’s Upset And Mad?? Tom’s been looking at fiverr and the gang (Tom and Demi) hash out some podcasting differences amicably and also live on air.

for more, check out, or for EVEN MORE for FREE check out our twitch channels at and Tom drives a big truck and you can pay to make it crash and Demi’s stacking cheese wheels in skyrim.

a triumphant return to r/sexdolls and wow, would you believe it, two true stories from our heroes! We love podcasting and we love doing it for specifically you. outro music is Beach by Komiku, a song Komiku released into the Public Domain – hope you like it!

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It’s another one of tom and demi’s classic episodes including demi wishing the episode was over, a lovely walk outside and another dispatch from our friends over at the selfsuck forums

Damn! They did it! They really damn well did it! These two have gotten to the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and it only took them 16 full episodes? What could possibly be next!!!