forget him, honey. he’s witch food.

“wet fish” hat here:

tom and demi discuss startup ideas, demi’s coolest teacher (coolest teacher to exist) and also more and also even more than that

we are back again to do it.

hope you guys like the new segment theme. it took me three tries and demi kept making fun of me every time i tried but you know what we say to the haters? you do not effect me.

more episodes over at

an incredible feat. a podcast from two hosts

woahhhhh it’s them back again and once more they’re watching, harry potter and the chamber of secrets. featuring a tree a car and two little turds

JUMBO episode of bst.png. DYNAMITE ideas, SPECTACULAR concepts. To make up for how good and long the episode is we will be not trying at all next week

welcome to the premium experience that is: bst.png episode 113. i’m playing burnout paradise. whadda game. on this one we talk some maybe not safe for work safe for work stuff, and also continue to say nothing