Mark Chatterly (He/Him/His)

Tech Support

Mark keeps Sanspants Plus working behind the scenes plus offers advice on technical issues to anyone who needs it in the wider Sanspants Family. He runs his own company called In Ear Entertainment which has produced its own podcasts, edits audio and creates audiobooks for people. He also runs


Mark got into the podcasting and spoken-word audio world in 2011 following a long illness (still ongoing). His main motivator behind this move was to help those who had made his stays in hospital more bearable. Mark has a liver condition called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. Unable to return to fulltime work in 2011 he set about working part time while setting up his own company. He first made contact with Sanspants when trying to find a podcast group to launch the USB Tapes with. Since then Zammit and the team have not been able to get rid of him, no matter what they have tried.