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The Autticus eBook

$9.99 USD

Based on the D&D is for Nerds adventure, madness, murder, and small elven children being spit on from a great height await in The Auticcus. Adapted by Tom Reed with cover art by Nathan Davis. Edited by Rachel Erdman.

This is the eBook version available in both ePub and pdf. If you’d like to pre-order a physical copy please click here.



Nathaniel, Ira, and Atticus are heroes for hire whose moral compasses have never had a fixed point. When they accept an offer to oversee the workings of an airship, it all seems too easy—high pay, low effort. Then the true nature of their eccentric new boss, Captain Flim Bapbap, is revealed. The heroes have to decide just who they want to be and how far they are willing to go for a bit of gold. (Hint: it’s pretty far.)