Dinosaur Saga

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A USB Tape containing the whole Dinosaur Saga collection. This includes:

  • The two Plumbing the Death Star episodes that started the whole adventure.
  • Dinosaur Park
  • Dinosaur World
  • Dinosaur Universe

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In the spring of 2016 we unearthed the long forgotten 1986 Tabletop RPG that is Dinosaur Park and decided to have a quick game.

In the following months we were able to track down the rare and much beloved sequel, Dinosaur World: The Post-Apocalyptic RPG for Ages 10 and up and once again have a quick game.

Finally, it wasn’t until late 2017 that we were able to seek out Dinosaur Universe: The 2001 Space Simulator and once more again have a quick game.

Running time: 29 hours, 50 minutes.

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