D&D is for Nerds Vol 2

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You’ll get all of series 2 of D&D is for Nerds, plus a never heard before 5th edition multi-story adventure created by Sanspants Radio.

  • Merchant of Grapebirth 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Punch Brothers Overture, An Ald Sotha Story
  • Collars, An Ald Sotha Story
  • It’s All Part of God’s Plan, An Ald Sotha Story


  • D&D SideQuests
  • D&D is for James

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If you haven’t bought D&D is for Nerds Series 1, consider our D&D is for Nerds Bundle for £35. 

Join the Sanspants Radio team in 14-hours of exclusive D&D is for Nerds 5th Edition adventures: Merchant of Grapebirth 2 and Tales from Ald Sotha. You’ll also get all 14 hours of season 2 along with D&D SideQuests and D&D is for James with your purchase.

With this purchase you’ll get instant access to all 14-hours of never before heard content and the entire season 2 of D&D is for Nerds, D&D SideQuests and  D&D is for James as a digital download. You’ll also receive a 4GB retro and cool USB cassette tape through the post with the adventures pre-loaded on it.

Running time exclusive 5th edition: 14 hours, 16 minutes.

Running time season 2: 13 hours + SideQuests and D&D is for James.

Created by Sanspants Radio

Sanspants Radio is a comedy podcast network based out of Melbourne, Australia. They recently fumbled their way to the top of iTunes and want to continue fumbling their way into your ears, but most importantly, your hearts.

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