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D&D is for Nerds Nomesmas Special 2021 Digital Download

$12.00 USD


  • 4 episodes of our 2021 Nomesmas campaign



Every year good little children find themselves awaiting that magical day when the spirit of Nomesmas cheer infuses the world. They say that on such a day the material plane crosses over into the Feywild and magic itself becomes the feelings of love and friendship in your heart. Incredible things can happen on this Nomesmas day. But little children should be weary of misbehaving or naughty hearts, for if good intentions bring cheer and laughter, then evil ones bring pain and misfortune!

Welcome to the D&D is for Nerds Christmas Special 2020 presented by Adam “Christmas Cheer” Carnevale, Jackson B. “Baubles” Baly, Cass “Partridge in a Pear Tree” Paige and Handsome “Handsome but it’s Christmas” Tom.