Zach Verhoef (He/Him/His)


Zach Verhoef is a personal trainer, bodybuilder and now a podcaster. You can hear him flex his knowledge of fitness on the show Super Gym Friends, where he drags his unsuspecting co-hosts down into the dark, dank, depths of the gym world.


Zach snuck his way into Sanspants by filling his co-hosts heads with dreams of escaping giant birds via improving their fitness. Outside of the studio, Zach can be found in the gym or asleep in bed because that’s all life is to him. Channelling his dream of looking like a superhero, Zach made his way to the natural bodybuilding stage in 2019 and got his personal training qualifications soon after. With the knowledge he has built up over the years, he seeks to help everyone achieve the bodies of their dreams in the most effective and sustainable ways.

Zach hosts: