Ryder Baly (He/Him/His)


Ryder is Jackson’s younger brother, for the amount of hours he actually works at sanspants, he is probably the highest paid member. Ryder takes pride in the fact he can smash an entire rotisserie chicken in one sitting and still be hungry for more. You can find Ryder on podcasts such as It’s Just Good Business and Baly Family Circus.


First appearing in a one-off podcast long forgotten in the void where the Baly boys spoke a bit of shit about family members, Ryder has since risen extremely slightly to fame and fortune. For a long period of time, Ryder was considered Jackson’s cooler younger brother, this has since been debunked as he has put on a few, grown a dirty beard and barely leaves the house. He loves to say a bit of fs and cs here and there and on many occasion, Jackson has had to edit out a naughty word. You will either find him in the backyard staring at planes he can barely see in the sky, or in the kitchen terrorising the rest of the family for making very small mistakes.

Ryder hosts: