Ruby Teys (She/Her/Hers)


Ruby is a triple threat, singing, dancing and shitting. She’s a stand-up comedian with a passion for performing in front of conservative men who think women never deserved the vote. Ruby is the bogan Meryl Streep. She’s also extremely single so if anyone wants to marry a future EGOT holder, get in line (the line is empty.)


Ruby is the HECS-debt riddled Gen Y queen from Chippendale who has had plenty of fingers in plenty of four and twenty pies. After many years as a professional dancer and in the performing arts, she studied radio at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School to spread the joy of comedy through the airwaves. She’s since worked in children’s radio and podcasting, commercial radio and podcast production and musical theatre. Do you remember that woman who gave birth to 13 children? That’s kinda like Ruby but instead of children, it’s different talents.

Ruby hosts: