Mama Baly (She/Her/Hers)

Wife of Dad, and Mum of Jackson and Ryder, Mum is funny when she doesn’t know it. Mum is everyone’s confidant, and the only one who can tell Ryder to shush. A bohemian woman of mystery and intrigue, Mum can be found in the later episodes of It’s Just Good Business, or providing sympathetic advice in Baly Family Circus


After finally wheedling her way onto It’s Just Good Business (after inexplicably being left out of the first episodes) Mum tried to bring some heart and sense to the show, to no avail. By the time Baly Family Circus came along it was impossible not to include her. Mum takes all credit for Jackson and Ryder’s greatest achievements and suggests any weird quirks in their personality must come from Dad. Her favourite thing to do is anything that includes her family. She adores dad who she thinks is a big spunk and is absolutely certain that Jackson and Ryder are the cleverest, most good looking children ever born (although she tries not to ever read any of Jacksons tweets).

Mama hosts: