Dad Baly (He/Him/His)

Dad is the Dad of Jackson and Ryder and Husband of Mum, he’s almost a wizard, a card house builder extraordinaire and a self-proclaimed comedian. You can hear him pitch get rich quick schemes on It’s Just Good Business or listen to him dole out advice on Baly Family Circus.


Dad is the inspiration for “It’s Just Good Business” and can also be found on “Baly Family Circus”. He is utterly convinced that he is funny and nobody tells him any different. After his family, vegetables are his next great love. He can be often found in a cloud of dust, dirt and compost, happily chatting to thin air. Although he is quite eccentric, he is actually a real live teacher. Dad is probably a wizard. We know this because people walking past his classroom have been known to hear him telling his students, that if they do not pay attention “THEY SHALL NOT PASS!”

Dad hosts: