Andrea Gillis


Canadian-born podcaster Andrea Gillis is both a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and is hopelessly in love with Louis Theroux, as evident by the names of her cats — Louis and Roux. Andrea is one half of the All The S**t I’ve Learned Abroad podcast and longtime best friend to her co-host Steph Paige. They met in their youth and bonded over the mischief they got themselves into. Having shared plane trips, lodging, and a lifetime of experiences, the pair decided to move to London where Andrea remains over a decade later.


From hiking alone through the Swiss Alps to embracing the tropical wildlife of Costa Rica, Andrea has a sweet tooth for adventuring. When she’s not busy exploring, she’s meeting new people and learning about the vast history of her many destinations. While culture can be read about in books, nothing brings Andrea more satisfaction than befriending locals, and getting lost in a country’s sights and smells. Stuck in Dublin due to a volcanic eruption, Andrea recounts a traditional Irish evening of drinking, eating and attempted dancing. While the night may still be hazy, it’s one of the countless travel memories that she won’t ever forget. Currently, Andrea is deep into her work as a strategic marketer in the mobile app world, managing partnerships with the likes of Google and Facebook, but that’s not all of her experience. Before her current career, Andrea was a radio producer. This background provided her with the skills to produce a podcast and produce one well. Initially signing on for production duties, the pair quickly decided their on air chemistry was too good to hold back, and All The S**t I’ve Learned Abroad began. There is a quality of rawness, authenticity and a lack of sugar-coating that she hopes helps listeners feel like they are part of a conversation between friends. Ultimately, if a fan can walk away feeling like they were involved in the discussion then Andrea can happily say that Steph and herself have done a good job.

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