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  • All our regular shows early where we can, 
  • Patreon bonus shows: 
    • Hey D&D It’s Me, Adam
    • Jackson Baly Spooks America
    • Patreon Only Show
  • All the Plumbing the Death Star Presents Plumbing the Death Star Talk Loudly Over Films we’ve recorded
  • The 4-part predecessor to D&D is for Nerds we recorded way back when, Roll for Initiative
  • The 5th ed D&D Adventure - Merchant of Grapebirth
  • The 1985 tabletop RPG Dinosaur Park where Joel and Also Joel have a very bad time.
  • Desktop Wallpapers
  • Other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

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  • All of the above and early access to exclusive content that are on our USB tapes which currently includes the 5th ed D&D Adventure - Merchant of Grapebirth 2 and the Ald Sotha Tales and Dinosaur World.